4 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Newborn

What you need for your newborn that you probably didn’t think about:

If you are reading this prepping for your newborn to arrive, you have come to the right place! Let me tell you, I was all about reading and checking out all the great blogs and articles about what you need for your newborn, and when it came down to it, I still didn’t find out everything we ended up needing when baby Samson was first born. Coming home from the hospital, life was a whirlwind and no new mama wants to be running to the store with baby in tow when you can’t even remember the last time you showered… trust me!

As prepared as I wanted to be when I went into labor, I still ended up needing a few items which were so vital during the early stages. Below is my list of MUST HAVE items for your newborn that you probably didn’t know you needed right away!

1. A Nightlight

If you read my late-night breastfeeding article, you know how much of a struggle the dark hours were for me and Samson while we were still establishing our breastfeeding. I originally thought that we didn’t need a nightlight until baby was sleeping on his own and maybe became afraid of the dark. BOY was I wrong! Haha! The nightlight was key to keeping my anxiety at bay and easing all of our nighttime nursing troubles. I highly recommend finding one that is easy to switch on and off and is mobile in the room rather than one that is directly on the outlet. A wireless/rechargeable nightlight was perfect for us because I could move it to where it made the most sense to help with nursing at night without blinding Hubby who can’t sleep with lights on. Also be sure to keep an eye out for adjustable brightness or colors. We have this awesome dolphin nightlight which does all of the above and has been a lifesaver! It’s also super cute and perfect for a nursery!

2. Snot Sucker

I didn’t realize how much congestion would really affect a newborn. Apparently, it is extremely common for little ones since their sinuses are so tiny! Because there is not much space for airflow as it is, any small amount of congestion can be pretty impactful. To top it all off, I think my poor son got the terrible seasonal allergies his mama has too… yay.. not! You have probably heard of the NoseFrida Snot Sucker Nasal Aspirator before. It is basically a tube that allows you to literally suck the snot out of your baby’s nostrils. Now, if you’re like my husband, this probably totally grosses you out, but rest assured, there is a filter so you shouldn’t ever eat the boogers! Ha! It will, however, effectively remove a lot more congestion and mucus than the typical bulb aspirators. I love it because you have a lot more control over the amount of suction. The shape of the tip that goes on baby’s nose is also shaped so that it goes on the outside of the nostril rather than inside of it, so you can’t damage the inside of baby’s nostrils like it is possible to do with the typical bulb aspirators. Definitely one of my favorite products!

3. Saline Drops

This goes hand in hand with #2! Saline is key in loosening mucus so its easier to remove with an aspirator. Make sure to get the baby kind so it drips out rather than sprays up for newborns. The Little Remedies Saline Spray/Drops is my favorite for Samson. It is both a spray and drops so when baby gets a bit older you can use it as a spray. It works well and is the perfect size for the diaper bag!

4. Face and Hand Wipes

Baby’s love their hands! They touch their face a lot and they like to suck on their hands and fingers. I am amazed at how much Samson loves to suck on his hands. He sometimes prefers his fist over a pacifier. This results in slobbery, milky hands which he then clenches into fists making for icky stuff inside. Needless to say, it is so important to keep them clean. I think many have the instant thought to use regular baby wipes, but regular wipes can have so many cleansing ingredients that baby really shouldn’t put in their mouth (or hands that will go straight to their mouth!). Enter the Johnson’s Hand and Face Wipes! I love these for Samson! They are specially formulated to be safe for face and hands. Their package even states that they are “as gentle to baby’s eyes as pure water”. That is a win in my book! I keep a pack at home and a pack in our diaper bag for on the go messes. Just wipe baby’s face and hands clean and zip, bam, boom! Ready to stick those fingers in his mouth again! 😉


I hope this saves you a few trips to the store as a new mom, but don’t stress, mama! Even if you have to run to the store in your PJ’s once or twice, it’ll all be ok! Is there anything else you are concerned about? Let me know!


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