Time Saving Mom Hacks for Busy Mornings

Busy Mornings Call for Time Saving Measures

I don’t know about you, but for me, mornings come down to one question: how many times can I snooze my alarm? In reality, I tend to snooze a bit longer than I probably should, but I will do anything for a few extra minutes of sleep after a rough night with baby Samson (or staying up too late watching the Bachelor…). But, on busy mornings, there are just too many things to think about to make sure you get out the door in time. Sometimes I have to get creative to make sure I can find balance between getting enough sleep and getting out the door in time. Here are my favorite time saving mom hacks to get you out the door in time on busy mornings.

1. Pre-Pack grab and go diaper bag “refill” bags

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a hurry and had to re-fill the diaper bag and forget something essential for Samson like socks when it’s cold outside. Ugh! the worst! Seriously, this is awesome. Take a few gallon size ziplock bags and pack enough diapers for a day, 1-2 full outfits for baby and a burp cloth in each one and have a “refill” ready to go for mornings like this! Of course, you will still have to do major diaper bag re-packs sometimes, but this will help when you’re in a rush. And, bonus, you can keep the ziplock bags in the diaper bag for future use when you have blowouts or can’t throw away a diaper where you are. Super handy!

2. Have a grab and go breakfast ready

I am a die-hard breakfast eater. I can’t go a day without it. When I was younger and could manage getting up at 5 am for a 7:30 start time (seriously, how did I ever manage this?!), it was easy to eat breakfast and relax before heading out the door. But, over the last few years, my morning routine has dwindled down to a rushed 20-30 minutes to get myself ready and out the door, so breakfast time at home has gone out the door. Enter: the grab and go breakfast. I love to pack something that I can eat on the road or pack in my lunch pail to eat at my desk when I get to work. These oatmeal banana muffins are a staple in our house, but I’m also a sucker for a great overnight oats recipe!

3. Use an automatic coffee maker

If coffee is a staple in your morning routine, use a machine that will automatically make it for you! This will save you setup and brew time in the morning, and, you can set it early enough that it could be drinkable temperature by the time you’re ready to grab it. I have Keurig single serve machine because between Hubby and I, we just don’t drink enough coffee to make a whole pot.

4. Utilize an overnight hairstyle

Ok, don’t get me wrong… I am the queen of the messy bun. It’s a rare occasion that you will see me with my hair down or curled. But, as much as I wish it were, it’s just not work appropriate. So, if I’m going for quick and easy, but looking great and professional, an overnight hairstyle is super helpful. Im a huge fan of this easy-peasy tutorial for curls with a simple headband. Bring on all my old headbands from the 90s! 🙂

Snooze that alarm one more time tomorrow, mamas, ’cause you got this! 🙂

time saving hacks for busy mornings

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