This Mama Is Under The Weather

Getting sick as a mom

Now that I am a mom, getting sick is literally the hardest thing to deal with. I just want all the cuddles from Samson, but I definitely don’t want him to catch whatever I have so I’m taking all the precautions I can. I’m washing my hands and sanitizing often, I have eliminated kisses and try not to breathe in his direction, but it is difficult both physically and emotionally.

This week I was diagnosed with a case of the intimidating common cold. Ugh… With nursing, medicines I can take are limited, so it takes even more effort to get better. My energy is low and I’ve been a little dehydrated so all my energy right now is focused on getting better so I can spend more time with my little guy and less time with my Kleenex box. So, with that being said, I’m sorry my post is short this week, but I’m hoping to be back in action and in full fighting form next week.

Until then, I am downing hot tea with lemons and honey, popping Ricola drops like candy and napping endlessly (or at least while baby does 😉 ).

Sending love and warm wishes to all of you and hoping you are feeling better than me!

xx, Terresa

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