Self care for the worn out mom

4 ways to practice self care by building a grateful heart and finding more satisfaction in your daily life


Mama, if you are feeling down, had a bad day or are just plain worn out… I hear ya! Let me start by saying you are amazing! Anyone who can care for another person (no matter how tiny 😉 ) more than they take care of themselves is AMAZING AND EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG! 

It takes an immense level of patience to clean up endless messes, change thousands of diapers, pick up the same toys millions of times, and to have people angry with you for doing what’s best for them. Sometimes, we can be overwhelmed, tired and in need of a break… even if that break is 5 minutes locked in the bathroom alone. #AmIRight?

But, mama, you deserve so much more! I am here to tell you that when you feel like you need support, a break or something to help you through, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Now, I have to preface by saying that I am 100% a work in progress. But, that being said, I do pride myself on being a glass-half-full kind of girl 95% of the time. I love to find the joy in the little things when everything is going terribly. That’s how I keep myself going. 

And you can do it, too!


Getting Started with Self Care Basics – Building Gratefulness


Self Care is so important because your kids feed on your energy… your whole household does. I pride myself on being the heart of my home and it makes a huge difference in my mindset and my outlook. It helps keep me motivated but also helps to keep Hubby positive and motivated, too. 


1 – Write things down


I am a firm believer that writing things down can help create more focus and keep you more in tune with your thoughts and goals. Start by getting a nice journal that you like. I like to have journals that are pretty and classy looking, or even ones that have encouraging quotes or verses on each of the pages to help me feel more motivated to keep in in view, write in it and read it more often. 

I have been working on doing this also. My journal entry for this week’s Thankful Thursdays looks like this:

What I am thankful for this week: Samson started crawling after us as we move from room to room *insert tears streaming down the face emoji* and consistently pulling himself to sitting. I can’t handle how adorable it is. 

What I struggled with this week: I am not the perfect housekeeper and our dog sheds soooo muccchhhh… My internal perfectionist struggles seeing Samson with dog hair on his onesies. Even though I clean the floors daily for him, I will never have a dog hair free house no matter how hard I try. Ugh. With Samson crawling everywhere, its a struggle for me. 

How am I working through that: choosing to focus on being grateful for him crawling and being intent on watching him smile to help calm my mind. Knowing its ok if he gets a little dirty. He’s going to have a bath anyway 😉

How I am challenging myself this week: take 5 minutes a day before bed to write down 5 things I am grateful for.


2 – Choose your emotions


I’m a firm believer that you can choose how you feel. Theoretically speaking, if you choose to be happy, act happy and focus on being happy, eventually, your mind will follow suit. I make choice to be happy rather than angry or frustrated. When you catch yourself stewing or focusing on negativity, find something to be grateful for and 


3 – Be intentional

I think intentionality is the biggest factor in learning how to truly practice loving others and finding fulfillment in your life. When you begin to intentionally choose to do things which will better yours and others lives, you begin to find joy in the small things you do every day for your kids, your partner, or even yourself.


4 – Connect with other moms


Isolation is how doubt and self-pity fester and take over your life. Connect with other moms and really talk to them. Talk about your struggles and your triumphs. You will be surprised how much they need to vent and share with someone, too! If you want a place to chat, I would love to hear from you! You can contact me, here, anytime.


I hope this gives you a little encouragement, mama! You are a rockstar, just don’t forget to sing in the shower sometimes, too! 😉



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4 self care tips for the worn out mom. Moms can be overwhelmed, tired and in need of a break, even if that break is 5 minutes locked in the bathroom alone. That's why self care is so important. Here are my best tips to keep your sanity and a positive outlook. #MamaLife

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  1. I say, make it easy. Here s a real mom s guide to self-care you can do every freaking day. Here s the secret: DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Just repeat after me, This is just self care. I ll be a better mom. So, here s a list just about anyone can do.

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