Pregnancy Back Pain Prevention and Remedies

When I was pregnant with Samson, I had every symptom under the sun… It was dreadful… but it was temporary! I look at my little guy every day, and sometimes even miss being pregnant, now! It’s funny how time will do that. One of the most difficult symptoms for me to deal with was pregnancy back pain. 

If you’re struggling with pregnancy back pain, I am here to tell you that it gets better, mama! And, I can give you a few tips to get you through those rough days!


Symptom breakdown

Pregnancy back pain can be quite a struggle, making simple, daily tasks difficult. Pain usually starts to make its appearance in the late second trimester or in the third trimester, due to mom’s quickly changing center of gravity. As your belly grows to accommodate your baby, your posture, sleep habits and movements quickly change, also. All of these things together make it more likely for a mother to experience pain or injury.  


Pregnancy back pain prevention and remedies


While pregnant, your center of gravity is constantly shifting with rapid growth of your baby and body. It is common for women to compensate with bad posture and awkward walking. While some shifts and changes are unavoidable, try to be conscious of your posture and do the best you can to avoid slumping and awkward positioning. The better your posture, the less likely your lower back will compensate for your growing baby. 

Kinesiology tape

I cannot rave about kinesiology taping for pregnancy enough! This was absolutely my saving grace in my last trimester. Kinesiology taping helps provide stability to muscles without restricting range of motion. The tape can be worn for multiple days, through workouts and showers, making it budget friendly. During my pregnancy, I taped from above my hipbone on one side, under my belly, and up over my other hipbone every day to help relieve some of the pressure on my lower back. You will need at least 2 strips for this method, but I used 3.  I also used pieces across my upper back from shoulder to shoulder when I strained my upper back reaching during my second trimester. 

You can find a ton of great ideas for how to use the tape for many pregnancy ailments on Pinterest, but the under belly and across back style worked perfectly for me. When you apply the tape you should stretch the strip about 30-50%, leaving about 1 inch at either side. 

Kinesiology tape is a pretty readily available product. You can find it on Amazon, here, and it is also available in the first aid area of stores like Wal-Mart or Target. It is extremely easy to use, although if you use it on your back, you may need to enlist the help of your partner. 

Heating pad on your chair

This will be a helpful tip if you sit at a desk a lot of your day. Use safety pins or even Command Strips to attach an electric heating pad to your office chair. Having a quick control ready at your fingertips to allow you to switch heat on and off quickly when you start to feel a little sore or ache coming on will help ward off any major pains later in your day! The key lies in 2 things: 1) it must be electric, and, 2) it must already be hooked up. If you have to walk all the way to the break room to warm up your water bottle or climb on your hands and knees under your cubicle to plug it in, you will defeat the purpose. Trust me, leave it hooked up and you’ll get quick relief whenever you need it. 


Exercise is, of course, important throughout your pregnancy, and keeping your muscles strong can only help you during labor and delivery. A strong body will also help to ward off strains and aches as your body changes. Yoga is a great option during pregnancy. It is a gentle way to keep your muscles strong yet limber. It is also a practice which is low impact and can be picked up by beginners as well as more experienced athletes. There are many studios that offer prenatal yoga sessions which are tailored to the pregnant woman. Please talk to your doctor before making any sudden lifestyle changes. 


I hope these tips help you battle your pregnancy back pain, mama! Are you dealing with any other pregnancy symptoms? Drop a comment below ⬇️and let’s chat! 


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Pregnancy back pain can be a tough pregnancy symptom to deal with. Use these pregnancy back pain prevention tips and remedies to help you through your third trimester. #MamaLife | Pregnancy back pain can be a tough pregnancy symptom to deal with. Use these pregnancy back pain prevention tips and remedies to help you through your third trimester. #MamaLife |

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