5 Nesting Projects to Complete Before Baby Arrives

Make the Most of Your Nesting Phase

The nesting phase of pregnancy is such a weird sensation. As a self proclaimed couch potato, I can tell you that I was a heavy napper most of my pregnancy, but when the last month of pregnancy finally rolled around, I was so anxious about getting everything ready for Samson’s arrival that I could barely stand it. I snapped into full nesting mode and the waiting game was rough. Sure, there were still some days where I napped and took it easy, but I can honestly say that during those few weeks, my house was cleaner than ever before! So, from a mama who’s been there, here are 5 nesting projects to make the most of your energy before baby arrives.

5 Nesting Projects You Can Tackle

1. Wash and Fold Baby’s Clothes

Let’s start with the most obvious one… Washing, folding and organizing all of baby’s clothes. Washing is recommended to avoid any allergic reactions to dyes or chemicals that may be on the clothes since babies have very sensitive skin. It takes a bit of time to sort an fold all the clothes you have, so I recommend starting early and doing a little each day. For me, this was the hardest project to tackle because it was so tedious and I got bored very quickly each time I started. I spent at least a week working on it here and there every day. If you are trying to decide how to organize your child’s dresser, here my 2 MUST USE tips!

  1. Fold don’t roll – Every blog post I saw on organizing baby dressers while I was pregnant suggested rolling baby’s clothes, so thats what I did before Samson was born, but the second I did his first load of laundry, all I could think was “Rolling these clothes is insane!” It was too tedious and time consuming to do once baby arrived. I now fold the clothes or lay them flat in a way that is quick and painless. I suggest folding onesies in half and storing them upright like a file cabinet so you can look through them and pick out what you need easily.
  2. Sort by size and category – Of course you know to sort sizes, but here’s the key! Also keep an eye out for sizes that look off. I found when sorting our clothes that some brands seemed to run smaller than the common size so I put them in the smaller size drawer, even if the size tags didn’t necessarily line up. I also suggest that you sort out categories so all your short sleeves are together, pants are together, etc. Lastly, load your drawers with the smallest size in the top drawers and work your way down, this way, when baby outgrows a size you can just remove from the top and move everything up in a quick 5 min adjustment. You’ll also have what you need at the time always closest to the top which makes dressing baby or packing the diaper bag much faster! (For another fun tip on packing the diaper bag in a hurry, check out this post!)

2. Organize Baby’s Toys by Age

If you’re like me, you probably have one bin or toy chest where you’ve put most of your baby’s toys so far. Realistically, it’s going to be a little while before baby can play with most of them, so it makes sense to store them in some sort of bin or chest. Here’s the kicker: sort them by age! Put the ones baby will use first on the top, this way you wont forget a toy you want to use at 3 months because it got stuck at the bottom of the bin and you wont have to dig through the entire bin to find something you want that ended up on the bottom underneath some of the other toys you don’t need yet.

3. Deep Clean and Do the Laundry

When you come home from the hospital with a brand new baby, the last thing you will want or have time to do is cleaning. The more clean the house is before GO time, the better. But, make sure you don’t overdo it! The last thing you want is to end up in early because you were overworking yourself by scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. Just try to do a little each day to keep up with things like dishes and laundry which pile up quickly and pick one room a day to spruce up a little. This way, you will accomplish a lot without pushing your body too far. And, bonus! You’ll feel more relaxed in your super clean home!

4. Stock Your Freezer and Pantry

This is huge! When we came home from the hospital, it took time to settle into a routine. Between being tired and having days and nights colliding, it was hard to cook a good meal. Luckily, when we had visitors, they would often bring us lunch, but it was super helpful to have a stockpile of meals ready to go in the freezer. When I was on maternity leave, I managed to completely fill our freezer to the point that we were unable to add anything else to it. For roughly $80 in one grocery trip, I was able to stock our freezer with a huge pot of both taco soup and ham and bean soup, a party size lasagna, cheesy broccoli, sausage and rice casserole, fruited BBQ pork chops and a whole turkey; and I stocked up on canned tuna and boxed mac n cheese for the pantry, too. I planned it out to the best of my ability to make it work in one grocery trip, but if you plan it out ahead of time, you could easily buy one meal per week in addition to your regular groceries without taking too much of a hit on your budget.

5. Make Something Special for Baby

While you have the time and energy, maybe use it to make a special keepsake for your little one. If you’re artistic, a wall art piece of their name, or a mural, or even a handmade blanket could be great options. If you’re going to make a baby book, you could write a letter to baby to read later on about your pregnancy and your hopes and dreams for him. Pregnancy is such a special time and it truly flies by. Find a way that is special for you that will help you encapsulate your love for baby that he will be able to treasure later in life.


I hope this helps you prepare for baby! Just remember, mama, you are creating a tiny human! No matter whether you do or don’t get off the couch today, you are amazing!

5 nesting projects to tackle before baby arrives

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