7 Fun Ways to Keep Baby Cool This Summer

Looking for creative ways to keep baby cool this summer?

Guys… it reached 118 degrees F in Orange County the other day!!! Seriously… what is happening?! I don’t know about you, but with it being this hot, I am looking for all kinds of ways to stay cool and, of course, to keep baby cool. Of course, the common suggestion is to go swimming, but where I live, we only have a community pool and it feels like such an adventure to get our stuff, get baby ready and get over there. Not to mention, I don’t even want to go outside because it is so hot. So, I’ve been looking for some creative ways to beat the heat other than the pool.



If you have an infant at home, you probably struggle to find easy ways to keep baby cool while also keeping play safe. Here are some fun, age appropriate ideas to help keep your kiddos safe and cool this summer.

High chair splash station

Kiddie pools and lots of water may be too much for an infant, so this is a great way to keep baby safe and upright while still getting some great splashes in! There are so many easy options with this idea. You can start with shallow bowls of water for baby to splash or even sponges or bath toys in a larger bowl. Throw in some ice cubes to keep the water cool and to let baby explore a new texture! Samson loves this one! He gets to splash and spill and play with his toys and the cleanup is a breeze. However you decide to execute, baby will be thrilled with the cool water play!

Here are some fun ways to keep baby cool this summer! Beat the heat with some fun indoor or outdoor activities for infants and toddlers other than swimming or playing in the sprinklers! #MamaLife

Breast milk popsicles

This is one of my favorites, but only when I’m prepared for us to make a mess! haha! Samson takes longer to eat the popsicle than it takes to melt, so we always end up with drips and puddles! But its a fun way for us to have fun and play with ice! It’s definitely a win! We use these ice trays to freeze the milk in small portions just enough for him. I love them because they have lids so there is no way for the milk to get contaminated by anything else in the freezer. Then for eating, we love Munchkin’s mesh food feeders. You could fill them with cool or frozen fruits for a fun summer treat as well!

Water filled play mat

This is a great one for indoor floor play, especially if your little one likes tummy time. I think we might be in the minority on this one, but Samson LOVES tummy time! haha! He always has! It’s great, but it means I am always looking for new ways to play this way. Play mats, though, are great for any floor play, even if your little one won’t tolerate being on his tummy for too long. This play mat is awesome because it can be filled with cold water for a fun way to keep baby cool indoors. The movement of the water inside during playtime makes for a lot of fun!



It seems like toddlers’ favorite thing to do is help! These activities are great for setting up together with your little helpers and also giving them a fun summer activity or treat.

Splash table

This seems to be the newest trend in summer fun, and I am all for it! This is such a fun way to let the little ones play creatively while also keeping cool! There are tons of different options to both make and buy them. There are fun ones will all sorts of do-dads and things to tinker with and there are more simple options with big basins and less attachments, but I think either way makes for plenty of fun. If you’re into DIY, Becca from Bare Feet On The Dashboard has an awesome DIY for less than $15! Score! If you would rather buy, I am loving this one which has fun toys and a couple moving parts, but also a big enough basin for the kids to scoop and splash water. Either way you go, the kiddos will love it!

Ice paint

This is such a fun and easy activity that your kiddos will love! Mix up the paints quick and easy to throw in the freezer and let the little ones go to town with the ice cubes. Mommy’s Bundle has such an awesome step by step tutorial using KoolAid for the coloring! I love this idea because its safe and non toxic. I’ve seen a bunch of people do it with different paints and colorings, but this is, by far, my favorite! This is probably best suited to be done outside, but you could also put something down to protect your floors and do it inside if you prefer.

Bathtub paint

If you’re looking to bring the splash time inside, consider turning the bathtub into a water-filled art canvas! Whip up some bathtub paint, use cool water in the bath for splashing and enjoy all the benefits of a kiddie pool indoors without the blazing sun! It’s a win! The kiddos will love being able to make a mess and you’ll love that its so easy to clean!

For the paint all you need is:

1 tbsp cornstarch
4 pumps baby shampoo
3 drops food coloring
1-2 tsp water

Make ice cream or popsicles

This is the perfect easy to do together activity for you and your little helper! Making ice cream in a bag is so easy, you just mix up the ingredients all together, shake it in a bag of ice! Once the ice cream starts to form, you can add in extra mix-in’s or toppings for different flavors. Your toddler will love shaking up the bag of ice and getting to help pick out the mix-in’s! Hip2Save has a great easy recipe and step by step instructions.

If you prefer a fruity treat over ice cream, popsicles are even easier! Toss your favorite fruits into the blender along with a little bit of yogurt, blend it to desired consistency and freeze in a popsicle mold! Easy fun treat for toddlers and mamas, too! 😉 These popsicle molds will be your new best friend this summer! They are perfect for kiddos because they have a straw at the bottom so you don’t have too many drips and messes! You will seriously love them.


Do you have any other fun ideas for keeping baby cool this summer? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below!


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Here are some fun ways to keep baby cool this summer! Beat the heat with some fun indoor or outdoor activities for infants and toddlers other than swimming or playing in the sprinklers! #MamaLife

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