Diaper Change Tips to Make Life Easier

5 Diaper change tips to take the stress out of changing time


In the first days of life, diaper changes can be scary and downright uncomfortable for newborns. Some babies take to them quickly, but for others it can be stressful for both mom and baby. These diaper change tips will help you take the stress out of changing time. If you start associating positive and fun things with diaper changes, soon your child will be more likely to enjoy the time rather than crying or wriggling away. Of course, every child is different and has good and bad days, but these ideas will help you to distract your child from the diapering, making the time more fun and less stressful for both you and your baby!

Diaper changes don’t have to be tear-filled or stressful. Use the below steps to help your newborn acclimate to diaper changes and learn to enjoy them so you can spend more time bonding with your baby!


1. Counting buttons or snaps


This is my number one diaper change tip to make changing time a learning experience for your little one! Every time I am snapping or buttoning up a onesie while changing Samson, I ask him to count the snaps with me. Now, he can even count to 4 with me at only 18 months old! This is an awesome way to make the most of this time. It also gives baby something to focus on other that the diapering itself. Distracted baby = no crying. It’s a win-win for you!


2. Singing


Singing is one of the easiest ways to keep your baby focused on your voice, distracted from the diapering and lulled all at once. During waking hours, I love to sing upbeat songs with Samson to keep him excited. I used “If you’re happy and you know it” to teach him how to stomp during diaper changes and now, it works like a charm! When its bedtime or nap time, I use softer lullabies to keep him distracted but also mellow and sleepy.


3. Hanging mobile or toy arch


Usually a hanging mobile is placed over a crib for babies, but if your little one is interested in the mobiles, try putting one over your changing area also! A toy arch would work perfect for this, also! It is the perfect toy to peak a baby’s interest and keep little hands out of the soiled diapers. The last thing you need is curious hands going straight for the poo!


4. Art next to the changing station


Having something on the wall next to baby can make it easy for you to point and show your child something fun to look at or even sing about. If it is within reach, they can point and touch (again, keeping hands out of their dirty diapers!) which is great for learning and development! Vinyl wall decals are perfect because you can move and change them whenever you like! As your baby grows, you can change them out to match their interests, or even simply moving them around/rearranging them will keep them intrigued!


5. Have them help you


This one is for older babies and young toddlers, mostly. Have them hold a diaper or the wipes packet for you. Toddlers LOVE to help! They are absorbing everything around them so quickly and are learning independence. Every time you give them something they can do on their own or something they can help you to do, they beam with excitement. This is a perfect way to distract a toddler who keeps wanting to roll over or stand up during a diaper change. Samson loves to hold and open a diaper for me, so it is my go-to trick to keep him engaged when he wants to wriggle away!



I hope these ideas help keep you and your baby engaged and sane during diaper changes! What are your favorite ways to make diaper changes quick and fun? Comment below!



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