Diaper Bag 101- How To Choose The Perfect Diaper Bag

Everything you need to know to pick the perfect diaper bag before baby arrives

Why you need a bag designed as a diaper bag

If you’re like me as a first time mama, you are probably thinking: “Do I really need a diaper bag? I’ll just use my purse.” If this is you, I beg you to reconsider early. Let me help you choose a diaper bag that will make you a pro on your first day of mama duty! Generally speaking, shoulder bags can be hard on your back and difficult to carry while also carrying your baby. It is also highly unlikely that your purse will be large enough to carry all the things you need for baby including diaper changes, feedings, clean ups, etc. and keep you organized. Large purses majority of the time consist of one huge pocket and some side pockets, but you are going to find that you need more pockets to break up the space to help you stay more organized. You don’t want to be digging around the bottom of the abyss for a burp cloth that has decided to hide from you when baby has surprisingly spit up. Trust me on this one…

What all you will need to carry

The list of what you will probably end up carrying in your diaper bag is truly endless, but a list of the essentials is below. As you can see, it is quite the extensive list, and for us, these are necessities for every outing with Samson. You never want to be shorthanded of anything, so I find that over-packing is better than under-packing when it comes to the diaper bag. Choose a diaper bag that can fit everything you need and suit your lifestyle! Be sure to also check out this amazing time saving tip for packing your bag in a hurry! Trust me, you wont be sorry! These grab-and-go refill packs have saved my butt numerous times when we are in a pinch for time!


Diapers – Wipes – Baby Powder – Diaper Cream – Multiple Changes of Clothes for Baby
Ziplock Bags – Pacifiers – Toys – Burp Cloths – Face and Hand Wipes – Changing Pad
Hand Sanitizer – Breastfeeding Cover – Nasal Saline – Nasal Aspirator


Extra Outfit for Mom/Dad – Snacks – Water Bottle – Your Wallet/Keys (so you can leave your purse!)

Choosing a diaper bag

Choosing a diaper bag can be a daunting task, especially for a first time parent. Its hard to choose the perfect bag to use for any and all occasions when you don’t even really know what you need or how to organize it efficiently, yet! If you don’t know where to start, you are in the perfect place! There are 3 major categories where I think you should focus on when looking at bags: storage/efficiency, comfort, and fashion.

1. Storage/Efficiency

Having a bag large enough to store everything you need is key, but keeping it well organized is just as important, if not more! Having a designated place where everything is supposed to go makes it so much easier for you to grab something at the drop of a hat! I highly recommend a bag with designated pockets for diapers and wipes on the outside of the bag. This way, when it’s time for a diaper change, your necessities are quickly and easily accessible without having to empty your bag to get to them.

Other things to consider are insulated pockets to keep breast milk/bottles while you are on the go, small pockets for pacifiers or other small toys so you can keep them clean, and a built in or included changing mat.

Fisher-Price has an amazing line of diaper bags with “Fastfinder”. I cannot rave about this enough! It is AMAZING! There are little tabs on the edge of every pocket with a graphic depicting what that pocket is designated for. It makes organizing your bag quick, easy and so efficient! Whenever you are looking for something, there is no guessing whether you put it in this pocket or that one because the tabs help you out with just a quick glance.

We have 2 diaper bags in use, but this is our main one, and we LOVE it! We have it in black, but I love the grey option they have too!

2. Comfort

You definitely want a bag that is lightweight, has comfortable straps, and an ergonomic style. Carrying your baby and everything you need in the bag is heavy enough, so the last thing you want is a bag that weighs an extra few pounds on its own. I highly recommend that you consider a backpack style bag, rather than a messenger bag or anything you can only carry on one shoulder. It can affect your balance and posture, putting a strain on your back and making it more difficult to carry your baby. A two strap design can help take the pressure off of your neck and back and distribute it more evenly across your body. Wider padded straps are also ideal to help relieve any discomfort from the pressure and weight of the bag. All in all, a good choice for comfort, balance, and ease.

3. Fashion

Of course, you want to find something that suits your style since you are going to be carrying it pretty much 24/7. Consider whether your husband/partner is also going to be using the bag. Originally I thought we would split our use a bit more and each have our own diaper bags to keep in our cars, but realistically we share the carrying pretty equally when we are together, so it is important for us to have bags that we both like. This is all about you and your style though, so color and style will come down to your (and your partner’s) taste. We have a navy bag and a black bag that my husband and I both picked out together.


If you keep all these things in mind while looking for your diaper bag, you will find one that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly and makes outings with baby easy and efficient. Spend more time looking at baby smiles and less time looking through your bag for your baby powder. Priorities 😉


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Diaper Bag 101 - Everything you need to know to pick the perfect diaper bag before baby arrives. Searching while you are pregnant can be overwhelming. Use these tips to help you find the right bag without stress!

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