Baby and Toddler Gift Guide

If you have any little ones to buy gifts for this holiday season, but are having trouble picking something that won’t just end up stuffed in the corner of someone’s toy box, you’ve come to the right place! Use our baby and toddler gift guides below to find the perfect (last minute) gift for all the little ones on your list!



Teether Toys


baby and toddler gift guide - #mamalife

This vibrating teether is a MUST HAVE! Samson loves it! It has multiple types of surfaces and textures to go along with the vibrations to soothe hurting gums. Plus! It’s an easy shape for little hands to carry, making it the

perfect carry-along toy! 

This Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy is a bestseller for obvious reasons! It’s a great sensory toy, with color, print, puzzle and rattle elements, just in case the teething element isn’t enough.

This adorable set of fruit teethers have a convenient pacifier clip for those of us with little ones who throw everything on the floor! (That’s not just me, right?! haha!)


Tummy Time Helpers


baby and toddler gift guide - #mamalifeThis cute giraffe activity pillow  is perfect for tummy time! We love this one because it has toys and fun activities to keep baby intrigued while on his tummy. It’s also great because it is pretty compact and easy to tote from room to room or toss in the car for a trip to grandma’s house.

I love this cloud playmat  which is perfectly modern, neutral and beautiful! It has multiple toy attachments and a pillow, making it perfect for tummy time as well as flat back play time. 

This 3 stage activity mat is awesome! It’s perfect for multiple stages from laying on his back, tummy and early sitting! Plus, it folds easily for compact storage!




Sit-to-Stand Toys


baby and toddler gift guide - #mamalifeSamson LOVES this alphabet train! It’s perfect for sitting, pulling up and learning to sit push and walk. There are tons of different learning activities with letters, motor skills, music and more. Seriously, this one is awesome. 

We also love this learning walker which has a detachable front which is perfect for laying flat for sitting play. It quickly snaps into place for little movers! Your little one will love all the activities and music, too!

I don’t think you can go wrong with Baby Einstein toys, especially the activity table. Its got a variety of buttons, music and lights that keep little ones entertained and its the perfect height for new sit-to-stand achievers!


Motor Skill Developers


baby and toddler gift guide. - #mamalifeThe classic stacking rings are perfect for early motor skill development. This is also a great gift if your budget is tight! WIN-WIN!

The pop up activity toy is great for little ones. It teaches them switches, twisting, pushing, opening and closing. Also super cute!

This ball activity toy almost never gets put away at our house! Samson loves it, and I love that its a perfect combination of fun and development. It has specific slots to place the balls, a teeter totter type holder and a large button. 




Learning and Motor Skill Developers


baby and toddler gift guide. #mamalifeA classic wooden activity cube is a great option for traditional play. This one includes shape sorting, movable beads, gears and more for learning and development.

This shape sorter is great for learning colors and shapes. It plays fun music too! Simple, yet effective!

A nuts and bolts set is a perfect gift for a little one who is ready to develop fine motor skills! I love this set in particular because it includes color matching, shape matching, and the attachment skill. So many great things in one easy gift!



Electronic Books


baby and toddler gift guide. #mamalifeBooks are always a great gift, but if you’re looking for something a little more than just a book, electronic books are great options!

This musical rhymes book includes multiple hard “pages” that a toddler can easily turn, music and a few interactive pieces. It’s an all around great choice. 

The reading elephant is awesome for learning ABC’s and 123’s. It’s interactive with buttons, music and lights. A great option for any toddler!



What are you buying for the little ones in your life this year? Drop a comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear from you! 

This post contains affiliate links. If you use my link to make a purchase, I may make a few dollars to pay for diapers, but you won’t pay anything extra. See full disclosure here.

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